STEEr Productions, formerly known as Peach Pie Productions, is the new project of Cindy Barg...stay tuned!

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*A Vocal & Visual Artist writing Poetry & Music..

(photo Wim Vandewalle)


a pro for song, stage, studio, video and film...
based out of Belgium, I do guest sessions lead, as well as backing vocals in diverse styles including Jazz, Blues and Pop.
You can listen to some examples of my music in playlists and videos dotted about the site...left click on the arrow buttons!


Need a coach?
I will do my ultimate best for your :

English pronunciation and lyrical corrections or suggestions.

Correct breathing plus voice projection for speaking and singing to avoid vocal damage.

Individual and band tips such as how to create your own system of sonic  balance in rehearsals, monitor and front of house soundchecks for live shows, live recording, etc.. 

Stage confidence!

If I cannot personally help you solve your issues, perhaps i'll know someone else who can!

Let's collaborate!



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(NMT photo Rosie)

NMT photo Sandra De Bruyne - video production Cindy Barg + co-edit w/Tine Guns

NMT at Little Jimmy's Rock 'n Blues Festival

reporter: witteMVS / photo: Freddy for Rootsville.EU

reporter: witteMVS / photo: Freddy for Rootsville.EU

Lula Sweet reviews:

"At first glance...

Lula Sweet's disco synths mildly sweep in and take over the track.

Then you realize you're being swept away in a mish mesh

of electric guitars and dominant female vocals.

There's really strong elements in Lula Sweet's

basic beat work and the band's clever synths,

which are over-powering in just the right doses.

Cindy's clearly controlled voice is incredible.

The tracks are well-organized and well-produced,

with effective layering,

which is why I enjoyed every second of the music.

Not being highly-polished,

the recording gives Lula Sweet more

than a fair amount of pizzaz.

The vocals reminded me of all-female band

'Le Tigre' a lot at one point

and the guitars were almost reminiscent of

'Sisters of Mercy' at another,

all the while

keeping those funk bass lines.

A great, well-written mix of disco bass synths,

disco beats and rock n roll-reminiscent guitars.

This band's music is capable of turning a non-disco

believer into an appreciator of the forefathers of the genre.

Lula Sweet is primarily a persuasive funk

and rock n' roll blend above all else,

and Cindy is our new disco queen!"

Lisa Micallef - Grimaud => Frontlady of The Areola Treat



“Minimalistic but extremely powerful and well-chosen

musical work, combined with a female singer who has

a versatile voice one can only be jealous of...”

J.J. => Sleaze Nation



“Vier talentrijke muzikanten en na een paar jaar begint de mayonaise serieus te ‘pakken’.”

Bard’s Meetjeslandse Muziekcolumn => Meetjeslands Muziekplatform



“De single ‘Wilderbliss’ is het eerste wapenfeit en een aanzet voor meer, want de opvolger

‘Velvet Superman’ zit al in de pijplijn.”

Paul Van de gehuchte => Dark Entries online muziek magazine

Lula Sweet by Lisa Norman

Lula Sweet by Lisa Norman

Photo by Wim Vandewalle

Photo by Wim Vandewalle